Victorinox® Zermatt Belt Pouches with Sharpening Steel

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 Zermatt Belt Pouches Includes mini sharpening steel.

Medium Fits:  Brown basketweave leather construction. Fits Bantam; Cadet; Camper; Compact; Electrician; Electrician Plus; Farmer; Hiker; Pioneer; Pioneer Apprentice; Pioneer Harvester; Pioneer Pruner; Pioneer Rancher; Pioneer Settler; Pocket Pal; Recruit; Secretary; Solo Alox; Spartan; Sportsman; Tinker Small; Tinker; Tourist; and Waiter. 

Large Fits: Altimeter, Angler, Climber, Cyber Tool 29, Deluxe Tinker, Explorer, Explorer Plus, Fieldmaster, Fisherman, Huntsman, Huntsman Plus, Mechanic, Mountaineer, Spartan Lite, Super Tinker, Timekeeper, Voyager, and Traveller.

X Large Fits: Craftsman, CyberTool 34, CyberTool 41, CyberTool Lite, Huntsman Lite, Voyager Lite, Handyman and Ranger 

Note: The latest batches of the Zermatt Sheath have a almost red finish instead of the brown pictured.

Made in Switzerland