Victorinox® Smart Card Wallet

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Smart Card with Card Protector and Money Band

Pocket-sized functionality elevated for everyday use. Meet the Smart Card Wallet: an innovative solution to secure and store up to six cards on the go. Combining the intelligent utility of a Smart Card with the streamlined security of a Card Protector and the cleverly compact Money Band, it offers astute agility in a minimal design. 

Key features

  • Combines a Smart Card with clever everyday tools; a Card Protector and Money Band in one secure wallet
  • Smart Card Wallet with ten functions including Card Protector and Money Band. Slim, minimal design fits in any pocket
  • Offers effortless usability that’s always close at hand. Stores up to six cards and has a unique patented mechanism to slide cards in and out quickly and easily when paying
Height 0.7 in
Length 4.1 in
Weight 2.9 oz