Vault® Accessories - Super Pack

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VAULT Parts Pouches

Want ULTIMATE versatility out of your VAULT CASE?  Introducing the VAULT SUPER PACK!  This pack includes all the accessories designed for Vault Cases which include:

  • - 2 Large Parts Pouches.
  • - 2 Small Parts Pouches.
  • - 2 Stick Strips.
  • - 4 Clip Strips (2 long + 2 short).

The Super Pack allows you to fully customize your Vault Case and tailor it to specific modes of carry.  All accessories work well independent of the cases as well.  Throw a Parts Pouch in your backpack for loose items.  Take some Stick Strips to secure accessories anywhere you have a velcro surface.  Use Clip Strips to manage cables or wires for your travel electronics.  The possibilities are endless!