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VAULT Parts Pouches

Have a spare pocket clip you don't want to lose?  Have loose parts, screws, or washers, you don't want to lose?  Well, check out VAULT Parts Pouches!  These come in two sizes depending on your needs.  Large and small.  

Large: 5" wide x 4.5" tall.

Small: 2.75" side x 4.5" tall

Both feature a zipper opening and transparent top side so you can see exactly what each pouch is storing.  On top of the transparent side is the classic VAULT Logo.

On the back side is velcro hook material so that the pouches stick directly onto the surface of your VAULT Case panels or the inside of the case.  Alternatively, you can use these pouches independently of the case and/or attach them to any velcro loop surface.  

Each size is sold in pairs of (2) units.