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Vault Clip Strips (2 Long + 2 Short = 4 Total) add additional versatility and functionality to your VAULT CASE!  Featuring an all-velcro hook backing, these strips stick directly to the inside of your VAULT CASE or middle panels.  Once secure you can slip the clip of your EDC tools directly between the strip and the surface underneath for a secure hold.  

The stips have a hook top side and loop backside at each end  You can use the loop backside for additional areas of attachments or other creative uses.  Tension and length can also be adjusted by stretching the strip  There are many possibilities!

Allow for customization of your case as you can place the strips in any orientation and configuration.  

Large: 7.75" long     Short: 4.00" long

Each set comes with four (4) total strips: two (2) long Clip Strips and two short (2) Clip Strips.