Sweet Smokie Joe® The Creole Kick Seasoning

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Creole Kick

This is the original Creole Kick that everyone has been talking about.  This product has taken the nation by storm.

Creole Kick, like the majority of Sweet Smokie Joe products, is extremely low in sodium coming in at less than 3% sodium.  Creole Kick contains no MSG, no GMO, no Soy and no Wheat.  Products are made with recipes handed down from many generations of Southern Louisiana families and are steeped in deep Creole and Cajun tradition.  Sweet Smokie Joe products are what true Louisiana, Creole and Cajun Seasonings are supposed to taste like.

Creole Kick is an all purpose seasoning and can be used before, during and/or after cooking.  If you want to have more of a "kick" to your dishes, use more Creole Kick.  If you want to just lightly season your food, use less.  This is something that can only be accomplished with our products because of the unique blend of seasonings and spices and the low sodium content.  We feel that you should control how much salt you want...not your seasoning.  Do yourself a favor and give our products a try.  They will leave your friends and family saying..."How 'Bout 'Dat?"

Comes in 8 oz shaker bottle