Pelican® 7620 Tactical Flashlight

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Don’t let low battery power freeze you in your tracks. Our new Pelican™ 7620 tactical light is compatible with 2 AA, 2 CR123, 3 CR123 or the Pelican 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery, giving you choices to reload with more battery options to keep the mission going. The power is up to you. The Pelican™ 7620 is loaded with high, strobe, medium and low mode options that can be programmed in five different combinations. A full time battery level indicator and armored with a type III hard anodized finish, the Pelican™ 7620 can take a hit and will never keep you guessing in the dark.

  • 387 Lumens
  • Will run on 2 AA, 2 CR123, 3 CR123 or Pelican / Peli rechargeable batteries
  • Four programmable modes (High / Strobe / Medium / Low)
  • Full Time Battery Level Indication
  • Up to 1124 lumens (with 3x CR123 batteries)
  • Five selectable programs
  • Type III hard anodized finish