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The Swivel Pro Max is an upgraded version of the Swivel Pro, a rotating and foldable COB work light. The stand can be rotated 150°and comes with a ¼-20 thread to attach to a tripod. The COB module projects a smooth, broad beam up to 1,600 lumens for close quarters illumination. The light source is dimmable to meet your specific needs. Powered by 4 parallel 10400mAh lithium batteries that are rechargeable via a Type-C port, the Swivel Pro Max runs up to 120 hours. This new design also supports 18W fast charging or fast discharge to charge your phone. Featuring a 180° adjustable clip-style stand with magnets inside, it is convenient and requires no hands to use. The sturdy and well-sealed ABS body holds up well against daily impacts and water splashes. Versatile, rugged, and flexible, the Swivel Pro Max will illuminate your tasks in a vast array of working conditions.

  • The stand has a ¼-20 thread to attach to a tripod and can be rotated 150°.
  • COB module that produces a powerful floodlight for close quarters repairs or work.
  • 180° adjustable clip-style stand allows you to adjust the beam angle or hang the product on a backpack, tent, branch and use it however, you may need.
  • Three heavy-grip magnets inside the stand attach firmly onto any iron surfaces
  • Built-in 10400mAh battery that is rechargeable via a Type-C port, achieving a max runtime of 120 hours when using the energy-saving low mode. It supports 18W fast charging or fast discharge to charge your phone.
  • Sturdy ABS body with IPX4 rating that resists corrosion, heat, impact and splashes of water.
MAX OUTPUT 1600 lumens
MAX THROW 50 meters
MAX RUNTIME 120 hours
POWERED BY 18650*4/1S4P/3.7V/10400mAh/38.48Wh
Length 6.30in/160mm (Folded)
Width 4.02in/102mm
Height 2.17in/55mm
LIGHT SOURCE Red & White Light COB
WEIGHT 20.81oz/590g (Including Battery)
WARRANTY Olight's 2-Year Warranty
IN THE BOX Swivel Pro Max, Type-C Charging Cable, User Manual