Olight® Otacle EDC Pocket Tool D2

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  • Stylish Pocket Tool: Compact, flat design inspired by the Arkfeld fits well in your pocket and attaches securely with a pocket clip for convenient everyday carry. Damascus-patterned carbon fiber cover adds to its visual appeal.

  • Versatile Screwdriver: Includes 4 double-ended hex bits: T6, T8, PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2, Slot 3.5mm, Hex 2mm. Ideal for maintaining knives, flashlights, and more.

  •  Seamless Transition: Slide lock lets it effortlessly switch between a fidget slider and a bit driver and delivers a secure closure. 

  • Magnetic Stability: The bit compartment and bit holders are magnetic to prevent the bits from falling out during use or fidgeting.

  • Effortless Fidget Fun: Keep your hands busy by opening, sliding, and closing the cover, turning desk time into fun time.

  • Easy Bit Access: The bits are easy to take out by pressing on one end and lifting the other end.

  • Titanium Durability: Crafted from premium titanium alloy to ensure long-lasting, corrosion-resistant performance.

  • Case Included with Titanium Model: Featuring a translucent lid and a pre-cut foam insert, the storage case stores, displays, and protects your Otacle D2 Ti.