Olight® OPry Ti Tool

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● Functions: The Opry is a 5-in-1 titanium pry bar that combines a pry, bottle opener, hexagonal wrench, screwdriver, and a measuring ruler, all in 1 convenient tool.

● Excellent Material: Made of TC4 titanium alloy (high strength, good corrosion resistance, and high heat resistance), it can withstand harsh environments.

● Exquisite Appearance: The stonewashed surface gives grip and feels comfortable to the touch.

● Small and Tiny: The main body length is 4.60in, the weight is 1.94oz, and the thickness is 0.43in. It is easy to grasp with one hand.

● Practical Clip: The clip can be tightly clipped to book pages, shirts, and jeans, or just simply carry it with you or used as a money clip.

Body Material

TC4 Titanium


1.94 oz (55 g)


4.60 in (116.8 mm)

Blade Thickness

0.43 in (10.9 mm)


0.85 in (21.6 mm)


Pry Bar,Lanyard