Maratac® QD Kwik Release Keychain Coupler

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QD kwik release keychain coupler is designed to be a simply useful and secure key chain connector you can rely on 24/7. The slide lock mechanism is both incredibly strong and and easy to use with just one hand for a quick disconnect. Slide the mid section over to release the male connector which will lock into place.

Ultem® (polyetherimide) is a semi-transparent high strength plastic material that can operate in high service temperature environments. Also available in Brass and Copper.

- New ultra secure dual locking ball detents

Use on you keys, gear bag, snap ring, necklace and more


1.1 inches x .4 inches

Weight .18 ounces

Material: ULTEM® 1010 resin (NSF 51 and ISO 10993/USP Class VI ), Brass and Copper