Maratac® Titanium Match Slide Box With Loop

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Maratac® Titanium Match Slide Box With Loop

Has spark pad on both sides!

Includes looped top for easily carrying this unique strong box on your key chain, neck, or even just adding a small lanyard to easily pulling it out off your pocket.

This incredible machined titanium Match Slide Box has a spring-loaded plunger securing the machined top. The top has been laser engraved with a topographical map pattern.

There is a strike pad on both sides of the case

Perfect for keeping your little goodies safe

Up to 25 standard size matches

Also works great as a pill holder, bit storage, etc.

Strength tested with 7500 lbs  F250 Super Duty on top!

Outside Dimensions: 2.75" x 78" x .63"
Inside Dimensions: 2.24" x .63" x .489"
Weight: 1.30 ounces

Note: Matches not included / Custom size spare strike pads included