Maratac® Pen-Go Ultem Pen

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Maratac® Pen-Go Ultem Pen

What is ULTEM® good for?

Often used in the production of circuit boards, eyeglasses, food preparation and sterilization equipment, and, perhaps most notably, aircraft parts, ULTEM® is known for its strength and durability.

The pen is robust and made to last a lifetime; whether it's on the training field or in the office. A black medium pressurized pen refill, good from -30F to +250F is included.

The machined deep grooves provide excellent grip. Perfect to keep on your keys, backpack, desk, purse, pocket and more...


Material: Ultem
Pen Refill: Lamy M22 Black Med Fill
Dimensions 2.88" Long x .37" Wide
Weight : 0.2 Ounces 

Made in USA