Maratac® Embassy Ultem Pen

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Maratac® Embassy Ultem Pen

What is ULTEM® good for?

Often used in the production of circuit boards, eyeglasses, food preparation and sterilization equipment, and, perhaps most notably, aircraft parts, ULTEM® is known for its strength and durability.

The pen is robust and made to last a lifetime; whether it's on the training field or in the office. Equipped with a black medium EasyFlow 9000M Schmidt pressurized pen cartridge, good from -30F to +250F is included.

Gen 3 - Dimple Golf Ball Pattern - Insane Grip! Includes Titanium pocket clip.


Ultem® 3 Part Body
Measures 5.25" inches by .50" diameter
Upgrades include:
New design doesn't require an o-ring seal
(ITH) Internal Threaded Housing for added durability between the pen tip and back body
Beveled Threading
Weighs .75 Ounces vs for the titanium version 2.18 oz

Made in USA