Maratac® Combat engineer Dyneema® Thread

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Combat engineer Dyneema® Thread

Specs: 50 Feet, 0.288mm thick on a dispenser roll with thread cutter. (Don’t let the thin size of this thread fool you, you must have a tool to cut this thread.)

The dispenser is compact and resembles a small dental floss box with a removable roll. Other than the box, there is no similarity to dental floss.

Why Dyneema®  Combat Engineer Thread?

  • Resistance chemicals
  • Low density
  • Invisible to ultra-violet light sources and thermal imaging devices
  • Floats on water
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Fire resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures
  • Biologically inert (doesn't cause a reaction to the human body)
  • Sonic velocity and acoustic impedance near that of water
  • High electrical resistance
  • Elongation at break is low, energy needed to break is high
  • Very high strength (15X stronger than steel)

On a weight-for-weight basis, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel and is 40 percent stronger than most aramid fibers.

Made in USA