ExoTac® nanoSTRIKER XL Firestarter

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EXOTAC set out to create a firestarter that is high quality, ultra-small in size, and completely self-contained. The nanoSTRIKER XL is the result. Sacrificing neither form nor function, its unique all-in-one design puts all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package. At the end of the day, this little tool can be collapsed and returned to key-chain ballast duty.

Use the nanoSTRIKER XL™ to light gas stoves, alcohol stoves, fuel tablets, BBQ grills, etc.

Striking Tool The nanoSTRIKER XL™ includes a stainless steel and tungsten carbide striker that will outlast even the fiercest of fire-craftsman.
1/4" Ferrocerium Rod The included Ferro rod is not only waterproof but replaceable as well. Simply unthread it from the body of the fireROD™ 
Anodized Aluminum Body The nanoSTRIKER XL™ is CNC machined, in house from USA high-grade 6061 aluminum then anodized for protection in a signature Exotac® color.
Ferocious Spark unique striking tool design and ferrocerium rod composition creates the most prodigious spark for its size!
Flammable Lanyard (New!) Now, all of the included lanyards are made from 550 FireCord™. Simply strip back the outer sheath to reveal an inner red strand that can be ignited from a spark and burns like a candle!