ExoTac® Match Cap XL

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The MATCHCAP XL™ is a nearly indestructible waterproof match case for storing matches and other survival gear.  An integral red-phosphorus striker is not only protected from rubbing against the matches but is also waterproof due to its location inside the o-ring sealed cap. 

Safety-Match Striker is located inside the cap protected by an o-ring. Because it's on the outside of the capsule, the stored matches won't rub on it either.
Strike Anywhere Striker For use with strike-anywhere matches, the sandpaper pad on the bottom is water-resistant and great when everything else is too wet to use as a striking surface
Waterproof Matches nor strikers work when wet so the capsule is sealed with an o-ring that prevents water and moisture intrusion at depths of not less than 15 ft (5m).
Anodized Aluminum  CNC machined, in house from USA high-grade 6061 aluminum then anodized for protection in signature Exotac® colors.