Everyman® Grafton Pen

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Reconnect with the timeless art of handwriting with the Grafton, the celebrated EDC pen backed by over 1300 five-star reviews. Sculpted for comfort, with a weight that feels 'just right,' it transforms every task into a moment of pleasure. Crafted from durable 6061-T6 anodized aluminum, it is a statement of minimalist design. The Grafton stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of ink on paper.

Designing for out of the box versatility and sustainability, Everyman delivers an affordable refillable pen that outperforms the rest. Numerous refills fit the Grafton, making it the only pen in its class able to customize instantly to preferred refills. Though best designed for the newest line of Grafton Metal Gels, the Grafton can take Bic Gel, Uniball, Jetstream, Pilot G2, Fisher, Monteverde Ballpoint, and both Parker Gel and Ballpoint refill cartridges -- just to name a few.

All Grafton EDC pens come with a 0.7mm Black New Metal Gels. An expert refill can make your EDC pen. Using copper tubing and a stainless steel tip, more ink was added providing a vastly refined ink flow.


  • 100% Anodized 6061 Aluminum Pen Body
  • Heavy Duty Bolt On Clip
  • Expertly Weighted
  • Reliable Buy-For-Life Design
  • Deep Groove Grip
  • Weight: 0.8oz
  • Length: 145mm
  • Diameter: 11mm