Wuben® Lightok X0 Flashlight

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Lightok XO the Brightest EDC Flashlight in Your Pocket

Up to 1,100 Lumen | Pocket Size | Magnetic Tailcap

A small & powerful light source for on the go

Small & Lightweight: Coming in at an incredible 57mm (2.24 inches) and 82g (2.89 ounces) micro size, X0 ECL (Easy Carry Light) keeps you prepared with a boost of light at your fingertips. 

Hand liberated: Featuring a powerful magnet tailcap at the bottom, you can attach X0 to any metal surface for hands-free operation. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor activities. 

A lot of power in a tiny volume: The most powerful micro flashlight you can find on the market. Delivers up to 1,100 Lumen of light (40x brighter than smartphone flashlight) in its minimal form, it is comparable to a tactical flashlight. 

Innovative 3-in-1 Button: Not only a switch, but also a stress relief toy with its comfortable pressing feeling, not to mention it features an anti-dust & waterproof cover for the USB Type-C charging port.

Fast Charging: Powered by the built-in WUBEN 18350 battery (1,100mAh), it can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours but lasts up to 130 hours on moonlight mode.

DIY-Tritium Slots for Customization: There are six tritium slots available for customization. Simply paste your tritium vials (6mm*1.5mm) into the built-in tiny slots to satisfy your curiosity and creativity.

30-day return & 5-year warranty: hassle-free return process for all our high-quality Wuben Easy Carry Light! We are confident that our products will speak for themselves.