Atwood Rope Mfg® Ready Rope™ Micro-Cord Dispenser

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Ready Rope™ Micro

Compact, convenient, the ultimate rope and cord management tool. It's even more compact and versatile than it's larger counterpart. Quickly grab the length of cord you need and use the built-in cutting blade. This comes pre-loaded with 125ft of Micro Cord ready for use. With its built-in storage compartment, you can keep survival items like a lighter / fire striker, fishhooks, splicing tools, meds, multi tools, etc. Keep this handy tool in your home, workshop, vehicle, toolbox, bug out bag / backpack, and more. Ready Rope™ Micro makes using cords and rope faster, easier, and more convenient. Ready Rope™ Micro is re-loadable and can be re-used with your favorite cords.


  • Pre-Loaded with 125ft Micro Cord
  • Built in Cutting Blade
  • Integrated Cord Lock
  • Accessory Compartment
  • Gear Loop
  • Compact Design
  • Reusable / Re-loadable
  • Made in the USA

Note: lighter not included