SOG® Snippet Multi Tool

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Snippet - Not every situation warrants a large, full-featured multi-tool. Sometimes you need something that will fit on a keychain, or even disappear into your pocket. For times like that, we have Snippet. A tool designed to help with quick fixes, while not taking up too much space. Ultra-compact, Snippet is equally at home on a keychain, in the car or in a purse. Equipped with SOG-sharp scissors — with finger loops for precision — Snippet gives you situation-readiness in something smaller than the palm of your hand. Keychain sized, ultra-compact scissors with 7 other tools and 9 components in total.

  1. Scissors
  2. Bottle Opener
  3.  Can Opener
  4.  Small Flathead Screwdriver
  5.  Tweezers
  6.   Finger Nail File
  7.  Knife Blade