Nextorch® MOTOOL Multi-function Wrench

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MoTool combines 10 kinds of practical functions, equals to a set of integrated toolbox. It is easy to deal with daily needs of wrenching, twisting, screwing, cutting, peeling, sawing and etc. The maximum opening size on wrench is over 22 mm, able to be used for bicycle and household faucet repair. A thoughtful wrench limiting stopper design ensures more convenient use, with no need to worry about the wrench parts falling off or getting lost. MOTOOL is made of high-carbon 3Cr13 stainless steel, with high strength, high hardness, wear resistance and durability.

  1. Needlenose Pliers
  2. Regular Pliers
  3. Wire Cutters
  4. Thick-wire Cutters
  5. Saw
  6. Adjustable Wrench
  7. Knife
  8. Phillips Screwdriver
  9. Flat-head Screwdriver
  10. Ruler


  • Material:3Cr13 (Main Material)
  • Diameter:133 mm x 40.5 mm x 20 mm