LionSTEEL® EGGIE Keychain Tool

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Eggie is a fine designed keychain made out of Titanium.  A reliable multitool, it is fully fitted with different stainless steel bits helpful in all situations, it includes: torx drivers in four sizes: T5, T10, T15 T20; slot screwdriver, a tungsten carbide tip (glass breaker) and a little straight blade.

The central socket is equipped with a magnet and it is hex shaped so the tool stays stable when on duty.

Eggie can be fastened thanks to the titanium carabiner and it is available in grey, blue and bronze.

Total length: 49 mm. - 1.93 in.
Total weight: 69 gr. - 2.43 oz.
Diameter: 24.4 mm. – 0.96 in.
Structure: Titanium
Bits: A-420 steel

Made in Italy