Boker Plus® Recoil Commando Pen

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Boker Plus Recoil Commando Pen  has a spring punch secured under the front cap. In an emergency, it can be used to break glass in a safe and controlled way. Unlike other glass breakers, it doesn't have to hit the glass with force but is simply placed on the glass pane and pressed into it. The spring inside the pen is tensioned, which multiplies the exerted force. When the tip is recoiled deep enough into the pen, it shoots out again, breaking the glass.

Without swinging a tool against the glass, the injury risk is significantly lower and the glass shatters in a more controlled way. In contrary to conventional glass breakers, the Recoil Commando Pen can also be used under water without much effort. The fluted black handle is made from lightweight aluminum and has a very pleasant grip. For writing, the back cap is removed from the precise thread and placed in front, so the pen can be turned. With the sturdy clip, the Tactical Pen is always at hand. It is compatible with Lamy M-22 refills.

  Tactical Pen

  • 16,4 cm
  • 51 g
  • David Cyr, Kevin Passon
  • Aluminum
  • Asia
  • Black